In 1940, the British established the West African Command Training School (WACTS) to unite training in West Africa and produce knowledgeable non-commissioned officers (NCOs) to fight during the Second World War. This was renamed the Royal West Africa Frontier Force Training School (WAFFTS) in 1956 and then Military Academy and Training Schools in November 1961.

WACTS was originally made up of 3 schools: the Jungle Battle School in Nigeria, the School of Education in Sierra Leone and the Clerk Training School in Ghana. The Jungle Battle School and the School of Education were moved to Ghana, then Gold Coast, in 1945 and 1946 respectively.

MATS expanded into 14 schools until recently when the Army Training Command was established. This saw the detachment of 3 of the schools to the Army Training Command. These were the Army Combat Training School, The Jungle Warfare School and the Army Drill and Duties School. Currently eleven schools form the MATS Command which is headed by a two star General.

The location of Headquarters of MATS Command was named after Lieutenant General Lashmer Whistler, the General Officer Commanding – West African Command in 1951. General Whistler was instrumental in the establishment of the Royal Officers Special Training School at its current location which later became the Ghana Military Academy.