Command, control and administration of all training institutions under MATS is vested in the COMMANDANT. There is a Whistler Barracks Command for ease of command, control and administration of Whistler Barracks.

Whistler Barracks Command

Routine administration of HQ MATS TRG COMD and schools of MATS Command located at Whistler Barracks is vested in the Commanding Officer MATS who will be responsible to Commandant MATS. He will liaise and coordinate with Schools in Whistler Barracks in the performance of his administrative function. He will be responsible for command and control of Whistler Barracks troops.


The Commandant MATS exercises the powers of Superior Command in accordance with Section 64, Armed Forces Act (AFA) 1962 (Provisional National Defence Council Law (PNDCL) 63 over all Ministry of Defence Staff and students in MATS Command. The Commanding Officer MATS shall exercise powers of command under Section 63, AFA 1962 (PNDCL 63).