The School of Ordnance was previously a branch of the Administration HQ of BOD.   It was then known as the Planning and Work Study Organization.   It was formed in 1955.   In 1977, a new establishment was drawn for the school but the personnel on strength of the school were to be counted as part of the Ordnance Directorate under Estb No. MOD/4/3 dated 26 October 1977.

On 31 August 1984, as a result of the restructuring of the Armed Forces, the school of Ordnance was placed under Military Academy and Training Schools Headquarters as a subordinate institution. The school which formerly operated out of BOD, moved to its present location in August 1980.The construction of the new road from second circular road which links GIFFARD road to the Airport road at Opeibea House, demolished part of the school block.   This damage was however compensated for with a complete new classrooms/Administration block.   The school therefore moved into this new block on 6 August 1990.

Officers were formerly posted to the unit as Chief Instructors since its formation   until there was a re-designation of Command from Chief Instructor to Commanding Officer on 7 May 1984 and the 2IC re-designated Chief Instructor.   The school had been without a substantive CO until recently and the CO BOD doubled as CO of the School. However a substantive CO (in acting capacity) was appointed for the school in August 2017.  Again since the formation of the unit, no unit RSM has ever been appointed until on 2 July 2010 when the first RSM was also appointed.



To become the leading logistics and supply chain management training institute for Ghana Armed Forces and other security services in the country.



To become the leading logistics and supply chain management training institute in order to develop the requisite human resource capacity in logistics and supply chain management for the Ghana Armed Forces and other security agencies.



  1. Train personnel in contemporary logistics management and practices.
  1. Upgrade the knowledge of students in logistics and materials management.
  1. Equip students with theoretical and practical skills in tailoring and leather works.
  1. Prepare students for subsequent logistics appointments and assignment within the Ghana Armed Forces.



  1. Storeman Ordnance BIII, BII, BI, SNCO’S Advance and YOOC.
  1. Storeman General Duties BIII, BII, BI and CQMS/RQMS.
  1. Tailors BIII, BII, BI and Advance.
  1. Leather Works BIII, BII, BI and Advance.



GH/711 Maj JA Boadu                            –       Oct 76-Jul 79

GH/816 Maj JP Ackom                            –       Aug 79-Apr 80

GH/1279 Capt NN Mensah                     –        May 80-Aug 80

GH/1233 Maj FY Billa                               –        Sep 80-Dec 80

GH/1279 Capt NN Mensah                     –        Jan 81 – Aug 81

GH/1233 Maj FY Billa                               –        Sep 81-Aug 82

GH/1233 Lt Col FY Billa                           –        Sep 82 -Dec 82

GH/816 Lt Col JP Ackom                        –        Dec 82 -Feb 84

GH/700 Lt Col EVL Okyere-Larbi           –        Mar 84-Sep 85

GH/707 Lt Col RH Essilfie                       –        Oct 85-Apr 86

GH/1279 Maj NN Mensah                       –        Apr 86-Aug 86

GH/1234 Maj DK Afful                             –        Sep 86-Mar 87

GH/1279 Maj NN Mensah                       –        May 87-Aug 88

GH/1279 Lt Col NN Mensah                  –        Nov 90-Jan 91

GH/1374 Lt ColCK Yeguo                       –        Aug 91-Oct 93

GH/1349 Lt Col JK Aholu                        –        Oct 94-Dec 94

GH/1349 Lt Col JK Aholu                        –        Dec 94-Nov 97

GH/2328 Capt CA Ardayfio                     –        Aug 97-Sep 97

GH/2220 Maj JP Osei-Owusu                 –        Dec 97-Jan 99

GH/2393 Capt ET Darquah                     –        Aug 97-Oct 00

GH/2247 Maj MN Kweifio-Okai                        –        Oct 00-Apr 03

GH/2220 Maj JP Osei-Owusu                 –        14 Apr 03-15 May 03

GH/2451 Maj AFK Timbilla                     –        16 May 03 -10 Jul 03

GH/2220 Maj JP Osei-Owusu                          –        11 Jul 03-19 Oct 03

GH/2328 Maj CA Ardayfio                      –        20 Oct03 -01 Sep 04

GH/2220 Lt Col JP Osei-Owusu             –        02 Sep 04-14 Mar 05

GH/2328 Maj CA Ardayfio                       –        15 Mar 05-26 Jul 05

GH/2220 Lt Col JP Osei-Owusu                      –        27 Jul 05-2 4 Jan 07

GH/2393 Lt Col ET Darquah                            –        25 Jan 07-21 Sep 10

GH/2681 Lt Col TK Mensah                             –        22 Sep 10-16 Sep 14

GH/2830 Lt Col SKD Gbezeh                –        17 Sep14 – 17 Aug 17

GH/3173 Maj A Amoako                          –        17 Aug 17– Date